Vision & Values

Vision & Values


To spread the truth about the critical role played by forests and nature in human wellbeing.


Our mission is to safeguard the fast eroding remnants of biodiversity in the Indian ecosystem and demonstrate the vital connection between healthy biospheres and human well-being through effective Communication, Community engagement and impactful Projects.


● To build awareness among decision makers, influencers and the public.

● To conserve habitats which are crucial for sustaining life on this planet.

● To support conservation projects and collaborate with people who work in the area of conservation and climate change


Determined :   We passionately believe in getting the task at hand done to achieve concrete, verifiable results.

Caring :  We balance determination with compassion. We believe in an India where wellbeing, not mere wealth, abounds. We care for our staff, their families and for our fellow citizens.

Inspiring :  We create an atmosphere of hope and new opportunities and possibilities to initiate change.

Courageous :  We are not afraid to tackle any problem or issue in order to protect the environment.

Forthright :  we are not afraid to speak our minds – amongst ourselves, and to the world we wish to change. We encourage people to express their views and to be heard.

Respect :  We treat everyone with respect and basic human decency is the foundation of our interaction with both internal and external audiences.

Truthful : We are committed to an honest, truthful approach to environmental conservation. We operate in a totally transparent and accountable manner and are responsible for all our actions.

Professional :  We take a professional and scientific approach to our work and ensure we meet timeliness and quality standards and deliver what we promise.

Democratic :  We believe everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender and economic status, in this or in future generations, has an equal right to enjoy the benefits of our natural environment.

Vanashakti, 2nd Floor, Nandakumar Pawar House
Opp. Shubh Kamana HSG Society,
M. D. Kini Road, Nahur (E)
Mumbai - 400042

Phone: +91-9967632302