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Thane creek Flamingo sanctuary

Project Statement

The Thane Creek is a potential Ramsar Site, it has all the parataxis to called the Ramsar Site. A Ramsar Site is one, which has more than 20,000 resident of the nation bird at any given point of a time. In the Thane creek, there are more than one & half lakh of bird many of which are migratory species & many of them critically endangered species as well. The state of Maharashtra had refuse or was not taken steps to protect it.

Project Intervention

Vanashakti has proposed in 2011 to declared the area as Sanctuary & also requested the state government to protect the area.

Project Outcome

In 2016 the notification was issued were in it was declared that the Thane creek from Airoli bridge to Vashi bridge was declared Thane creek Flamingo Sanctuary.