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Save the Beaches of Mumbai

Project Statement

Beach clean-ups can be part of a global environmental management policy and also important as an educational process important for all audiences. A beach clean-up allows individuals and communities to come together regardless of different interests, and address the issue of marine litter on our beaches and its impact. The overall aim is a global improvement of our coastline, remove as much marine litter from the environment as possible, while the same time identifying the source of the this litter so as to be able to prevent new litter from entering the environment in the future.

Project Intervention

Mobilizing volunteers is the main activity of the project and high visibility is essential for success so we try to organised at least 2 to 3 Beach cleanup drive every month

Project Outcome

The project is runnig well succesfully and we successfully managed to mobilize the target groups as well as volunteers from the various corporate sectors.

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