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Wetlands Conservation

Project Statement

Wetlands are a unique and productive ecosystem whose value
was accepted under the Wetland (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2010.
 Wetland Atlas prepared by ISRO and states told to prepare ‘brief document’ inventory of wetlands.
Maharashtra govt. turns a blind eye to the rules and does not prepare the inventory and does not
set up the wetland authority as mandated under the Rules.

Project Intervention

Complaints filed with all relevant govt. departments to prevent illegal
reclamation. Rampant reclamation of wetlands forces Vanashakti to go to court.


Project Outcome

1. Media covers the campaign.

2. "No construction or reclamation of wetlands"- The government issues circular to that effect.
Wetlands Authority is constituted with the mandate to protect wetlands

3.The Wetland Committee was constituted (which will eventually form the wetland authority)

4. The State government was directed to not give permissions to construct on wetlands.

5. Contempt proceedings were filed against the violators of the HC’s order that banned the
reclamation of wetlands.


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