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Waarli Art

Project Statement

Warli art, an ancient Indian tribal pictographic art form is seen fast dwindling from the Tansa River
Valley, Maharahstra. The younger generation persuing mineal jobs in the neighbouring towns is seen as the
reason behind this lack of interest in the art, leading to the art anfd other allied cultural aspects occupying the

Project Intervention

Livelihood options for the warli artists deviced. Warli artists provided with
opportunities to teach thier art form in schools, various public fora, cultural fests etc.

Project Outcome

Artists seeing their art as a source of income have began rrvisiting their art. Younger member of the
family are also now initiated into the art. This has also to an extent reduced the dependene and the consequent
expliotation of the forests in the Valley. Urbanites also get an oportunity to learn the intricacies of the
art accompanied wiht folk tales and legends from the tribal artitsts themselves.

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