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Project Statement

Tribal communities in the villages of the Tansa Valley seen setting fire to forests each evening
to hunt rabits. This act left acres of forests burning, each evening. The villagers seemed highly indifferent
to this act and do not seed this as a wrong doing. The tribal communites are also seen cutting down Fig
and banyan treesfrom near the wells and othr water bodies on the pretext of these trees dirtying the
well water with leaf litter and fruits. What they failed to realise was that these trees hold on to the ground
water preventing their run off into the sea., thus facilitating water in the wells even in the dry seasons.

Project Intervention

Streetplay addressing the above issue written and enacted in all the villages and
hamlets of the valley.

Project Outcome

After 6 months of sustained efforts, forest fires completely stopped.
The villagers have realised the consequences of these forest fires on the fate of their river and other water
bodies and on thier farming practices and farming culture.
The villagers have als realised the importance of fig trees and have now stopped cutting them to a great extent.

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