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Preservation of Highway Trees at Wada

Project Statement

A stretch of road starting from Shirsatphata to Ambadi, (districts Thane and Vasai respectively) sought to be widened into a 4 lane highway. 3200 trees mostly of Indian origin eg. Banyan, Pipal, Neem etc. sought to be chopped off to widen the road. Road sees very little traffic or accidents. Part of the road falls in the buffer zone of the Tungareshwar WLS. 18 km of road stretch starting from Shirsatphata (on the Gujarat Highway) to Ambadi (Bhiwandi Manor highway).
3200 trees to be chopped for the widening.

Project Intervention

Issue highlighted in the media. Correspondence with various relevant govt. depts.

Project Outcome

To ensure protection of the trees Vanashakti moves the Bombay HC. The HC orders ban on felling of trees on the Shirsatphata Ambadi Road.

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