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Rescue of Sewree Mangrove Park

Project Statement

Mangroves in the Sewri belt adjoining the coking coal depot under threat. Sewri Mangrove Park declared by BPT in 1997 with a purpose to show case mangroves and Flamingo habitat. 30 Ha of mangroves completely wiped out and the entire belt in danger of getting destroyed. Vanashakti investigates the issue and files complaints with relevant govt. depts. Real culprit: The improper location and storage of coking coal by BPT in the immediate vicinity.

Project Intervention

Vanashakti files its intervention in the application in the matter and is accepted.  

Project Outcome

Hindustan Times carries a front page story on the issue. News report seen by Chief Justice of Mumbai High Court. The court issues suo motto notices to the State Government. Court is appraised of the realities and on Vanashakti’s request appoints NEERI to investigate the site and submit its report. NEERI submits its report which confirms Vanashakti’s assertions. Joint site visits done with government officials (FD, MCZMA, MPCB, BPT) and scientists from NEERI. NEERI submits its report affirming Vanashakti’s claim. HC orders BPT to move the coal depot.

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