The fast paced nature of our lives directed at achieving India’s goals to become a developed nation has all resulted in us failing to take a step back and look at our impact on the world and people around us. But certain moments inspire us, we find the courage to break away from this apathy and refocus our attention to what matters. It was in one such moment that a few friends found the courage to make a difference and what followed became the launchpad for Vanashakti.

In August of 2007, the UPA-I proposed the Forest Rights Bill. What was initially meant as a tool to empower traditional forest dwellers was now being distorted into the biggest land grab by the very people who called themselves supporters of the downtrodden. A byproduct of this was the gradual erosion of the forests of India, our greatest natural resource. It was at this moment that three individuals, three friends as supporters, and family were enlisted as help and Vanashakti was born.

Today, we have come a long way, both in terms of our understanding of the urgency and complexity of the issues pertaining to forest conservation and the ground realities. Time is running out for the forests of India and collective action must be taken. The responsibility to conserve and protect our earth’s resources lies not in the hands of a few but is the collective duty of all.

We believe that there are only two groups in the world – Those who are responsible for creating the problem and those who are willing to be part of the solution. We want to work towards solutions because only conscientious individuals who are willing to continuously learn and work towards solutions can bring about worthwhile change.